God? A personal trainer? 


As I was walking today, I heard a song on pandora. It was called blessings. It talked about healing and how we think it should come from God in certain ways. Don’t we always try and tell God what to do? Recently I have found myself thinking hard about this. We grow up and life comes at you. Bills, home plans, car payments? When did I become old enough to do this?! 
As we grow so does our faith, but like exercise- we slack. I know there are days I don’t want to move. Do I need it? Yes… But it’s not always fun. Take that to our walk with God. Adam & Eve walked with him daily. As we “count the steps”, God wants us to “enjoy the talk.”. 
As we went to the capital this Wednesday to stand up for life at the 25th Rose Day, we walked up & down the steps, we got to laughing, talking, and enjoying fellowship with each other. We laughed so hard at Sandy & Lyn’s previous night & how crazy it was. She was screaming and hearing things in her sleep. Lyn was putting her in a head lock and walking the hallways to secure the home in his. Even though it’s funny to think about it, there was a part of the song that said- “What if your healing comes from every sleepless night, and That’s how we know your there?”. How true is that? We don’t always think of it at the moment, because we want to sleep. In the morning we know.
God is on his one time, but we try to fit him into our plans. Shouldn’t that be the other way around? A year with him is like ten thousand. Sometimes 5 minutes here fells like 3 hours . So as I walked this afternoon, I prayed that I will let God lead me in his path. Just like the road I walk on, it’s rocky, uneven, falling apart, up hill, and has valleys. He guides my steps even if I fall he catches me. Where he leads me – I pray that I follow. No matter how grown up, hilly, washed out, or rocky it maybe. He will always walk beside me. 
So as you go through life, try to think of those sleepless nights as a blessing. Laughs & memories you have- Yes…..but maybe God wanted to show you something more. Allow God to lead your path. He is the only one with the map. Even google can’t show us the future……but my God holds tomorrow. 
Maybe this helps someone today. Thank you for reading these blogs. It really humbles me. Now I guess I better get back to me walking. I wonder what God has me write about next. 

God bless, 

– Marli 

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