GO! A crime is committed! 


Maybe you’ve watched Criminal minds, Jag, CSI, or any cop/fbi tv show. The good guys are always searching for the “murder” so they can bring them in to “convict” them. We always feel relieved when they “catch the killer” even though we know it’s a tv show. The scary truth is that it really happens every day. Cops really do arrested murders and they are tried in court. People really loose their lives & families have to burry a love one. Maybe your thinking why I’m talking about this? Well just like the cops are searching for the bad guy, we are to be searching out lost souls who are being killed by the devil- or the “bad guys.”. 

We was once the bad guys. Jesus had to come down die for us and search us out, so he could save us, wash our sins away, and make us the “good guys”. We are supposed to search out the lost just like the cops would search for the killer. There is a crime happening right now. Let me tell you the case:
The suspect is the Devil. 

The crime he’s committed is stealing and kill lost souls. Murdering there hearts & trying to keep them away from God. He has kidnapped them away from the father. He has made the feel worthless, depressed, sadden, and stole all their joy. 

He has bound them with chains just like a slave. He has hidden them away from the church so they couldn’t see there spiritual family. 
How can we help? Search for the lost among the worn down . Lift up their names to the heavens. When you find a victim, show them the light. Give them the key to loosen their chains. Show them how to get peace and bring them home to their spiritual family who, I hope, has missed them so much. That’s what cops do right? 
If we took our jobs more serious, I wonder how many souls we could rescue from the Devil. You maybe sitting there thinking this can’t happen. There is not hell or heaven. Let me be honest with you…. This is very real. One day you too will have to choose what side of the fence you are on & you can’t say “I’m not going to pick a side.” . You will have to. 

One day this world will end , we will die, we will leave our earthy homes and I will be in heaven. But I think about the ones who won’t be there …. All because they never heard. They wasn’t rescued from their chains. They were forced to work as slaves for the devil. 
Today I encourage you to do your spiritual duty as a “cop” and search out the lost. We are in a never ending battle with the “bad guy” , the devil. But one day the FBI- Jesus- will arrest him and lock him up for good. What team are you going to be on? Do you want to run away from God, enslaved to the devil. Or work with God, helping and working towards the kingdom… 
Look for the signs & investigate the crime that the devil has committed. Start with your history, open your bible and read up on him. Look at how much hurt he’s caused. Read up on how our “boss” handled things. And then go out into the field and do the same. Always be read up, prayed up, and suited up, for your daily battle with the devil. 
“Go ye therefore teaching all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the son, and if the Holy Ghost. Teaching them to observe all things just like I have told you: and Lo, I am with you. Even into the ends of the earth.” – Matthew 20:19-20

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