God are you there?

The past few months, weeks, & days I have been very anxious. I have been praying and thinking hard about our future; not only for my family, but for our country too… I’m not trying to push my vote on you, because voting is over. Our concern as a whole should be what’s to come.

No human is perfect. No Christian is perfect. The only one who is perfect is God himself. Yet today I have read many post of people claiming that Christians should not stand up for the Bible because that’s hate speech; yet they can only be for love & acceptance only. Which got me angry , but got me to thinking.

When did Christians only become one thing? When did we stop standing up for God and become so quiet that when we do attempt to stand we get knocked down? Being a Christian isn’t just Peace & Love, it’s also about doing what is right . Trials, hardships, and sometimes loss… Yet we have become silent too long… We no longer are taken seriously. If we are not careful, we will fall asleep and our rights will be stripped from us..

That folks is what scares me. That is what scares me for my daughter, for our nation, and for us adults. This country was paid for by lives of innocent people who believed in freedom, yet we have faded so far from those men and women today. God fearing people who knew right and wrong. Who prayed and cared about each other. Yes God is love people, however God has standards. God expects something out of his people. We are to rise up and fight for good. Fight the good fight!

Look around today, the Bible is being played out in front of us. Many think that because we are worried, anxious, & concerned about this election : that we must stand for hate…. That’s not true.

In the Old Testament, they would cry out to God to have mercy on their country; many times for the King was bad or they had sinned so badly God was going to punish them. Today I felt like I have prayed so many prayers for God to have mercy on us. To intervene and heal us as a nation….But what is God doesn’t? Does that mean Christians are frauds? Does that mean God doesn’t love us? No. God does not leave or forsake his people.

Did God leave Paul in the jail cell alone? No. Paul worshipped God right there in those walls. Did John the Baptist get scared when he spoke Gods word? What about Abraham? Sarah? Elizabeth? Peter? Name? John? Do you remember when Jesus asked his disciples to pray when he went into the garden to plead with God the father of this cup should be passed from him? They couldn’t do it and they fell asleep. Tonight, this week, this year, God has been calling us to cry out and pray, to stay awake and plead for our nation… Yet some are falling asleep at the side. Some are acting as if it’s not that big of a deal. People wake up! Wake up! Pray like it’s your last!

Am I encouraging you to pray, well if you haven’t gotten my point yet, absolutely I am! This is a spiritual war we cannot fight. What happens when we get our answer in the next day, weeks, or years? Keep praying. Things may get hard. Things may get real hard… Christians may get more blame than you can imagine. What you read about happening over seas and in third world countries may happen here. Am I over exaggerating ? I sure hope I am! Should we be ready? Yes. God tells us to be ready! No one knows the day, the hour,the year, or the president.

I don’t want to know who or how you voted. I’m not going to cuss you, belittle you, or hate you as the news says. I’m not going to make you live this down the rest of your life. I just want you to know that just because I stood up for what the Bible said doesn’t mean I hate you. Hate comes from the devil himself. The devil wants us divided! A house divided cannot stand. Does it hurt that certain things in this world isn’t valued, yes. But remember : Jesus sill sat and ate with Judus, even though he betrayed him later. He still died for him.

I ask you to pray. I encourage you to keep praying. Not to stop after it stops this week. We still need God. We need God to have mercy upon us. Because wether you believe it or not, one day we will stand before him. God himself, and we will be judged for the last time. You may think this is just an election, but I would rather know I tried to stay as close to the Bible as I could in life or in polls as I could on that final day….

May God have mercy upon us. Whatever happens: God still Is on the throne. The devil will not win in the end. Suit up soldiers, there’s a spiritual war we must fight. It starts with prayer.

~ Marli

Angel mom to Rhett

Rainbow mom to Selah

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