*The very horrible, no good, bad day*

*The very horrible,no good, bad day.*

Have you ever thought about crying over spilt milk? How about walking literally out of the soles of your shoes? Have you ever locked your keys in your car or even got pulled over by cop? Has it ever happened within hours of itself? And you can’t help but laugh or your going to cry? Well, if so raise your hands. You can come sit with me today. That literally was my Monday… It started off by a routine cop pulling me over, to walking out of not one sole of my shoe; but two; then I spilt milk all over me, and to wrap things up-locked my keys out of my car…. Now I could have done three things: cried, laugh, or be angry….. You know- I laughed…. But not everyone is like me. God uses stuff like this to test us, or even make us draw closer to him. But why would he do this? Why today, why me? I don’t know… But maybe we should ask- “What we’re you protecting me from?”. See God may have saved my life from a wreck ahead, maybe that milk was bad, maybe I just needed new shoe, and maybe he just wanted to see if I truly would stop and praise him even in the bad. God tested Job. Job was a good man, obedient to God’s word. And yet God let his family die, his wife left, he got sick, lost everything…. But he praised God even then, and God did bless him. So remember next time your having a bad day- remember where our strength comes from… God! Stop, pray, and let God hold you for a moment. He always has a reason, even if we never understand it.

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