We need to see right? 


We need to see right?
Have you ever got in your car and your headed down the road an notice how dirty your windows are? Bug guts and dirt all over it… Maybe you wear glasses and you. Price your vision seems blurry… Until you take off your glasses to notice the hairspray film over the lens. You can’t truly see clearer with dirty, fingerprints, or even bug guts blocking your view now can you? 
Do you know that in the bible it says we don’t walk by sight. Now you may think, “How can I know where I’m going if I cannot see where I’m stepping?” . Well God says we walk by FAITH and not by SIGHT. Why is that? Have you stopped to ponder this thought? Maybe it’s time to. 
See God isn’t telling us to make sure we are blind so we can be a Christian. No he’s saying that if you truly believe in him, you won’t need to know where your stepping, because he will never leave nor forsake you. Have you ever looked into the sun? You really can’t. Why is that? Maybe it’s because it’s to bright and you would go blind. Now, I’m not telling you to try that, but just to think of it. It’s so bright that it hurts. Did you realize that God is brighter than the sun? 


This whole verse is telling us to focus on God. How? He’s too bright for us to look at him. – Thats the point. If we focus all ourselves, our thoughts, our fears, our wants, our lives, that he will guide you where you need to be. He leads you beside the still waters. And you can walk through the valley of the shadow of death and fear no evil. How can it be? It’s by faith. It’s by faith we believe that he can lead us. That he can save us. That he can run our lives. If we do this we tell him we trust you with ALL of us. Not just with this small problem but with everything. 
Have you noticed we hand God the tiny things until we are about to loose someone or something and then we go to him and plead. God isn’t out fairy godmother ,or our wizard, or our genie. He’s our GOD. God made this world, he made you, he knows the plans that HE has For US. Now, tell me he doesn’t have the credentials to run your life. He is more qualified for the job that you are. Keep your eyes on God and believe that he can lead you where you need to go. When you do that, he cleans your glasses off. He gets those fingerprints and hairspray spots our of your way so you can see him. He wipes your bug guts off your windshield so you can see the way he’s leading you. Don’t be too stubborn to ride shot gun and let God Drive. He knows where your going even if you can find your current location with google maps. He knows right where you are. Will you give him the keys to your .

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