What are you putting in? 


Have you ever heard the term, “Your body is a temple for the Holy Spirit?” . Maybe you’ve heard this one- “You are what you eat.”  Have you given it any thought? As a child I remember thinking, “If the Holy Spirit is with me I better be good.”. As funny as that sounds it’s partially true. But I never believed the “You are what you eat.”- Until I got older lol. 

Think about it… God is everywhere. He’s in the fog that’s blanketing the ground. He’s in the mist of a raging storm. God is in the wind and in the sunshine. He’s always with us and watching over us, protecting us, loving us, blessing us. But have you been sitting in your house thinking your alone. No one sees you… It’s what we do in private that can make or break us as Christians. 

In public it’s easier for us to be Christians. We have people watching us and counting on us, but when we are alone we are more likely to fall. The devil seeks us out then. He knows we are at out weakest. He try’s to get us to watch that show you know you shouldn’t . Or read that book that’s kinda bad. It’s kind of like our diet. We try to eat healthy but that brownie is there and it looks good and no one is home so who will know I ate it? It’s the same way in our Christian walk. 

So how do we fix it? Well it’s the same way you try to fix your diet. We have to work at it. We have to train ourselves to pray in those tough times . Just like how we have to say no to that brownie. It’s not easy, but we have the Holy Spirit with us. There is no need to feel defeated. We have the reigning champion on our side – Jesus. 

So next time your alone remember- your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. What we do alone starts to show eventually in our public lives. So train yourself to lean on God more. By the way, the devil set that brownie there to tempt you even in your diet. I know it’s not fair… 
Have a good day! Remember your already a winner! 


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