When is enough; really enough? 


Have you ever noticed that anywhere you look people are always dissatisfied. They can’t ever find the “perfect” prom dress. They are never the “perfect” weight. They never can say the “correct” answer. What is the “correct” answer? What is the “perfect” weight? Where is this “perfect” world? When do we say enough is enough? 

I was thinking about this when I noticed that on any social media site we as Christians, Non Christians, Jews, Non Jews, etc; are always getting mad over the small details.  For example: someone gives their opinion. Are they entitled to that opinion? Yes. Do you have to agree with them? No. Can you post your opinion? Yes. Will they agree with it? Probably not… So when do we draw the line? When do we say “Let’s agree to disagree?”. Why do we always feel like we have to win an agurument? 

For one, when Beliviers are fighting over the smallest details- Satan is winning. He’s winning because we can’t focus on the biggest detail- saving souls. Like in math, (which is not my strong suit.), 1+1=2. So if we (1) are working together with God (1) , we can then can win a soul or (2). But if are fighting,(1), and Gods not in it(-1), we will still be without any new souls, Because 1-1=0 . So we really want 0? So we really need to be focusing on the smallest of details? 

Who cares if the carpet is pink? Who cares is the pews are blue? Why does it matter that one friend thinks you should have mentioned this and you didn’t, will it resolve anything? No. What non believers see is a huge family fighting among themselves. When we should be a huge family loving on each other, lifting them up, and praying for them. 

Will we fight? Yes; families do. Should we keep it stirred up? No, that’s when we finally say enough is enough. Maybe you’ve noticed this, maybe on your own post. A Friend is going at another friend just saying and nitpicking away at each other. Why? Because they didn’t like their comment. And others log on to read and watch this fight unravel…. Then you are forced to do something… Take down the post that you thought had a point; but caused a war. Don’t jump into a fight to keep it stirred up. You can say things like; maybe we should agree to disagree. Or everyone is entitled to their own opinions, let’s respect one another. Or simply take it down. 

Should we always stand down? No. There will be times in life where we have to defend what we believe; but God doesn’t need defending. Remember he is our coach. He guides us to say and do things that we need to be doing. So don’t act unless you know that’s what your suppose to do. God gives everyone their own free will to pick and choose. He made each of us this way. It’s not our right to tell someone how they should or shouldn’t live their lives if they don’t ask our opinion. Should we still care for them yes. Pray for them. Trust me they will ask because they will feel a need to. 

If you remember Jesus ate with sinners. Cheaters, liers, & he also used a “lady of the night” to help his plan be carried forward. You see we all have a past, an addiction, a sin we deal with . He loves us still. Do you want someone forcing you to live a certain way? No. We chose God. We knew we needed him. They too, will realize they have to make a choice. We can make them choose the choice that is right. It tells us that in the bible. The path of sin is wide and filled with many. The path of righteousness is small and not travled. 

In today’s world this is a hard topic to talk about. It’s hard to love someone and not hate them for their sin. But I don’t think giving them everything they ask for because “they demand that right”.? No. That’s when we have to say enough is enough . 

Soon church’s will be  prosecuted because of bathrooms. We will have to make everything “unisexed”, so we don’t “offend” anyone. We won’t be able to label anything. Colors will be “offensive” because pink means girl- why can’t blue mean that to? Colors! You see in the bible God never says this life is easy. He warns us that it will only get more tough. 

What are we going to do when we have to finally say- “enough is enough?”. Just like a child we have to “pick our battles” as they say. Don’t allow a post or a photo defile you. Act responsible. Act with kindness, and be humble. Some people are search for someone who pick a fight with. Don’t let satan temp you to fight back. Before you type, speak, or even post, remember pray. Why? Because God doesn’t need to have a social media account to see what you’ve posted or how you’ve acted. He bypasses it all. He knows what you’ve posted on your heart. That maybe locked away from the world, but he knows that password. He’s seen what you keep under lock and key. Choose your words wisely. It takes five seconds be a decent person. In that five seconds you will make or break someone. 

So remember becareful how you speak. You could turn someone away from God in a key stroke…. Enough is enough…. 



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