Do you believe?

Many times in life we are hit with hard things. God takes those “hard times” and helps them become more. The Bible is full of theses incidences. He can take broken things and make them better, because God is never broken. People may crumble, friendships may break, but God stays the same. However, we often times are asked by God, “Do you believe?”. Maybe your like Paul and you say “of course God”, and maybe he tells you to “feed his sheep”. Why is this question so huge?

In Matthew 9:27-30 , there is a story about two blind men. Reading it this morning, I noticed something that I’ve over looked for years. A simple sentence that holds so much meaning.

“Do you believe that I am able to do that?” (Vs.28)

You see these two men followed Jesus begging him to heal their eyes so they could see. Jesus asked them that one simple question. They answered “yes” and he healed them because of their faith: “(vs. 29) According to your faith let it be to you.” .

Isn’t their story in line with our own? How many times have you prayed to God or begged God to hear you. To understand your pain. To heal you from hurt, heartache, sorrow, or tears. How many times have you prayed the same prayer thinking maybe God has put you on the back burner and forgotten about you? How many trails and tests have you walked, sat, or crawled through to get where you are today? And how many times did you want to give up, because you felt like your hope ran out and your faith is soon to follow?

Maybe God is asking you:

“Do you believe I can do this?”.

Do you believe I, God of the universe; who created you fearfully & wonderfully, who knows your greatest fears-hurts-dreams-& loves; can do what you are asking me to do? Do you believe with everything you have left? Do you believe that I can touch you and you be healed? Do you think I can actually do the biggest things you pray for ? Or do you still want to hold on to your own will so much that your not willing to lay it down in front of me & say “I trust you”.

I will admit this part of faith isn’t easy… Trusting God with the very things that you hold so dear to you isn’t easy. Laying your wants, fears, dreams, and more down at his feet and saying “Ok God here I am. I believe in you.” Is not easy. We are broken people. We are often blinded in this world just like those men. We are walking around begging God for sight, but maybe when he asks us that one question- we are hesitant.

What is keeping you from saying “Yes God I believe!”. What is holding you back? For me it was fear. I have already sacrificed so much already. I’ve already had to hand our son back to God and trust that this was his will. I had to then trust that God would have this sorrow and bring joy like his word promises. Then I prayed. I felt like I pray the same prayers, but he still listens. To be honest there and days, months, and even years I felt like he had left me in the dark and forgotten about me. There are things he said to write about that are to painful, songs he wanted me to sing that I felt I couldn’t, and moments he pushed me out of my comfort zone into situations that made me grow, but I still am like those blind men…. Begging God to hear me, see me, heal me. I too had to answer his question.

“Yes God I believe.”

And like those blind men who were healed, I too am waiting. Waiting for my miracle… Until then, I will choose to say “I believe”.

Thank you for reading. I hope it helped you today! If it did write a comment and let me know . I would love to hear back from you or even pray for you.

Have a wonderful day!


-Angel Mom to Rhett Alec

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